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Sedona Wedding Video

Just finished another Sedona wedding video. Joe and Allison were from Chicago and wanted to play their wedding video at their reception back home one week later. I had to get on the edit quick to get it to them on time. Luckily they wanted an MP4 wedding video they could play on their computer out to a projector at the reception. That made it easier because there was no overnighting a DVD which gave me some extra time. It’s always nice to give a couple a MP4 video of their Sedona wedding because it is a much higher quality than a standard definition DVD.

We shot some video of the groom getting ready and some picture-taking which is always fun and an opportunity to get some smiling faces of the family and friends.

We hiked up to the flat spot on Cathedral Rock Trail behind Cathedral Rock right at dusk. The trailhead was packed with people as it was a full moon that night. That spot is the most popular in Sedona for full moon ceremonies and the trail was clogged with people hiking to their particular ceremonies. I was a little worried about losing the light cause it was getting dark quick! The ceremony was very sweet and everyone enjoyed it. They took some more pics and I noticed my camera was shooting at +18db which means the light is fading fast and the footage will be a little grainy. We had to get to the champagne toast quick! By the time we hiked back we needed lights to see the trail. All in all it was a fun, sweet time.

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