Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Complete Video Production & Marketing Package

Increasing sales and catching eyes is what it’s all about. First, you need a professional, high-quality video. Then, you need a video search engine optimization strategy.

I will work with you to create a visually stunning, attractive video then I’ll help you put your video to work in a strategic online marketing campaign.

There are many different forms of advertising like television, billboards, etc. that reach a wide demographic of consumers that may or may not be interested in your offerings. A video search engine optimization campaign allows you to capitalize on people already interested in your product or service. They have arrived at your video through a keyword search or by visiting your website and now they see a top-quality video production highlighting your company.

Businesses who want to make the most of their video search engine optimization campaigns know that web videos must be part of their program. Communication technologies change every day – the average consumer and internet surfer expects more. A boring or out-of-date web site is a reflection on your company that could turn away potential clients. Use a web video to amp up your online marketing efforts and add a human element that will create excitement.

Let me use my experience designing dozens and dozens of web videos for businesses of every size to send more viewers to your web site, creating more revenue for you company.

Why should you use video production as part of your marketing strategy?

— To enhance your web site home page: Make an impression by placing your video right where it’ll lure your viewers in. If the visitor is engaged in an attractive video, they’re less likely to click away from your page. Use this tool to welcome new and existing customers, give an overview of your web site and/or products.

— Impress your business partners: Online videos set your company apart from others.

— Boost sales: The most important thing is your bottom line of course!

What Can an Excellent Web Video (Webmercial)  Do For Your Company?

  • Increase your web presence
  • Improve branding efforts
  • Create an eye-catching, professional home page for your website
  • Demonstrate products
  • Inform consumers

Don’t trust amateurs with your company’s image(s)! Be careful who you pick to create your online video web presence. There is so much more to video production besides showing up with a camera and coming up with a cute idea for a viral video. Your website is your customer’s first impression of your company – a poor video will send a savvy Internet surfer clicking away. A high-quality web video has the power to transform your sales, maximize your web presence & send visitors to your site from around the world.

Your video can climb to the top of the search engine rankings on YouTube, Google and other video websites, promoting your individual business to a worldwide audience. This is an excellent tool to direct traffic to your website, attract consumers to your web store front and/or entice visitors to your storefront right here in the Verde Valley.

As a Video Marketer, I have learned the in’s and out’s, tip and tricks to maximize a business’ online presence with the power of online video. If you want to take your web site to the next level, we can work together to accomplish your goals for sales, branding and revenue.